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The original hosting service for Real Estate Software! The right choice for hosting your FNIS Client Management online!

You control your data
eAgentServer allows you to run your own AgentOffice, AgentOffice for RE/MAX or Executive Agent software on the internet.

No restrictions to data recovery If you decide to return to desktop only application you get EVERYTHING back, not just what your software host will allow you to take.

Step Away from Sync!
While running online does require a monthly hosting fee, the major benefit exists for remote users who no longer need to sync data to the master computer. Your database is always right up to date.

Savings too!
eAgentServer clients benefit from lower prices for set up and monthly fees. Even lower setup fees when bundled with software purchases.


Taking your Agent Desktop to the Internet!

Below are a series of downloads which will be required in order for you to begin using your Agent Software online. Running on Citrix and Windows servers, there are files which must be resident on your computer. Downloads are available below, alongside a brief explanation as to what each does.

Remote Assistant Software
[Administrative use only]
In order to assist you better, we frequently require that you provide us with access to your computer. At no time are we able to connect without your consent.
Filesize: 530 Kbs
If you experience any difficulty understanding the need for any of these downloads, or if you have a question, please email support@realtystar.com
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