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The original hosting service for Real Estate Software! The right choice for hosting your FNIS Client Management online!

You control your data
eAgentServer allows you to run your own AgentOffice, AgentOffice for RE/MAX or Executive Agent software on the internet.

No restrictions to data recovery If you decide to return to desktop only application you get EVERYTHING back, not just what your software host will allow you to take.

Step Away from Sync!
While running online does require a monthly hosting fee, the major benefit exists for remote users who no longer need to sync data to the master computer. Your database is always right up to date.

Savings too!
eAgentServer clients benefit from lower prices for set up and monthly fees. Even lower setup fees when bundled with software purchases.

About eAgentServer™ Application

eAgentserver is an optional online application which makes it possible for you to run your new or existing AgentOffice, AgentOffice for RE/MAX, REA9 and Broker BackOffice Pro software ONLINE.

Our hosted solution launched in 1997 and is the recommended solution for Realtors(R) who want to take their contact management package to the next level - running web-based. Ideal for large teams and those working mostly from remote computers, eAgentserver allows all users to be up-to-date, all the time, without having to retrieve and manually sync remote copies of your software.

To purchase AgentOffice software to be run, either desktop or online, please go to www.realtystar.com Before you sign up, you must be ready to purchase the latest version of AgentOffice, REA or Broker BackOffice software. If you already own a previous version of On-Line Agent, RE/MAX Agent 2000, Executive Agent, REA8 or Broker BackOffice Pro, you need only to upgrade to the latest version of your current serial number in order to proceed. To purchase AgentOffice for the first time, click here. If you are ready to run online now and only need to purchase your software, you should select the RealtyStar, StarONLINE Package which gives you a discount off the one-time server set up fee. If you currently own your software and need only to upgrade, click here. To add user licenses or for questions about software please call 1-877-535-7755 or visit our software sales website at www.realtystar.com. Authorized and knowledgeable sales representatives since 1994.

  • On-line solution for Broker and Agent software.
  • Knowledgeable Software Specialists.
  • Includes Technical Support.
  • Data always up-to-date and running "live".
  • Full Data Access, Retrieval and Backup to your Desktop - anytime, anywhere.
  • Share data without having to "sync" from multiple computers.
  • Universal Printer Capability.
  • PDA Synchronization.

The Reliable source ........

In order to provide you with the best service we have partnered with RealtyStar Inc. RealtyStar has been specializing in real estate software since 1994, servicing North America and Overseas Clients and is the largest reseller in North America of AgentOffice software.

RealtyStar's Clients include top producing Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers who rely on their friendly and knowledgeable service. They take the time you need to determine which software is right for you, and after you buy they continue to make themselves available, toll-free at no charge for hints and guidance. Software Training, Upgrades, Add Licenses and Technical Support Renewals are also available through RealtyStar.

RealtyStar ALWAYS ships the latest version of FNIS Agent Software, prices are always the same or less than the manufactureand other authorized resellers, and eacch new software purchase comes with their "PowerSTART" Guide.

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